“Every off-season, and even some in-season, I turn to Plex to help me be the best.”

Brian Ching / Houston Dynamo & US National Team

Plex client for the past 5 years

Brian Ching official website

Brian Ching Twitter page

Brian Ching Facebook page

“One of the biggest things Danny Arnold & Plex do, is that they give you that personal attention and their staff is as solid as they come.”

Charles Woodson / Green Bay Packers

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

Plex client for the past 10 years

Charles Woodson Twitter  page

Charles Woodson Facebook page

“Since my college days at North Carolina, Plex has been my spot, they’re great and they understand the athlete better than anyone else.”

Julius Peppers / Chicago Bears

Plex client for the past 7 years

Julius Peppers working out at Plex

Julius Peppers Facebook page

“Since my Dynamo years to now in the UK, I always turn to Plex when I am in the states for my rehab or training.”

Stuart Holden / Bolton

Plex client for the past 4 years

Stuart Holden official website

Stuart Holden Facebook page

Stuart Holden Twitter page

“I can’t say enough about Plex, they’re by far the best in the industry”

Diana Lopez / Olympic Medalist

World Champion & ’12 Olympic Team Member

Plex client for past 6 years

Diana Lopez official website

Diana Lopez Facebook page

Diana Lopez Twitter page

Diana Lopez “Family Power” book

“I cannot image anyone who has a surgical or non-surgical injury they are trying to come back from, to not go to Plex for their rehab”

Dr.James Michael Bennett / Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr.James Michael Bennett website

All-Star Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman talks about his experience with Danny Arnold and Plex, and how it has changed his game. 

Click here to see video.  


Cadillac Awards Plex Director Danny Arnold “Innovator”

Cadillac on their commercials on CBS, feature Plex Director Danny Arnold.   Danny Arnold was chosen because of his innovative spirit, something Cadillac endorses and promotes, and how he’s passion and view has given back to the community.

Retired and Current NFL Veterans turn to PlexBoxing

The NFL is a tough and grueling sport, and once it is over (off-season or after a career), finding something to substitute with may be impossible, or is it?

At PlexBoxing we’ve introduced top-notch boxing training with our already successful sports performance and sports medicine services, and the results are second to none.

Olympians go with Plex for their preparation

In the 2012 Olympics, like in the previous Olympics, athletes like Steven & Diana Lopez and United States TaeKwonDo Team have turned to Plex to prepare them for the upcoming Olympics.

Plex has provided training and rehabilitation for them for the past eight years.

Fox Business News Features Plex

Fox Business News features Plex and its remarkable impact on youth  development for those inspired to be the best at their sport. 

After suffering a life-threatening injury, DJ Hayden turns to Plex

An injury that put him at 5% chance of living, DJ Hayden is making a comeback of ages.

See how, with the help of Plex, DJ Hayden is going to be back better than ever.

Two local boxers, Jermall Charlo and Jermell Charlo make a run for titles

After years of training and countless rounds in the ring, Jermell will be fighting for a title and Jermall is up and coming in the ranks.

See how their journey with legendary trainer Ronnie Shields has shaped up.

Why so many athletes chose Plex

Hear a different perspective on the NFL Draft.

See Why so many pro athletes come to Plex.

What are they saying about Plex.